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Is Free Market Capitalism a Crime?

Published 03/16/2020

Free market capitalism has and liberty has made the United States the envy of country around the world. The amazing economic wealth of our nation is stunning. One does not have to be part of a social group,  ethnic group or religion to succeed, one only needs his dreams.
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Water Allocation Planning

Published 03/16/2020

Teller County must take the long view on who we will be, far into the future. Planning for Teller County over the next 50-100 years is a critical responsibility of Teller County government within the authority of the land use planning statutes. Water resource allocation must be at the forefront of those plans. Water resource allocation is not mentioned in the statutes granting counties “broad authority” over “land use” decisions, but we understand that land use generally means water and air use and vice versa.  
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Cost of over regulation

Published 03/15/2020

I want you to know that should you elect me to be your next county commissioner, I will be the commissioner that really listens to you. I won't ever claim to know everything or pretend that I do....
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