Cost of over regulation

Published 03/15/2020

I want you to know that should you elect me to be your next county commissioner, I will be the commissioner that really listens to you.

I won't ever claim to know everything or pretend that I do....but together WE will come up with Solutions for "growing pains" that Teller county faces in the next 10 to 30 years. I can't do this job without you.
With an ever growing county population, keeping pace with Colorado Springs' growth, we must support county, staff, infrastructure and our over burdened sheriffs' department.

One of the things that I hear most from business owners and home owners is "excessive county regulation" and selective enforcement.

"A study from the Mercatus Center estimated that the total cost of regulations on the U.S. economy was over $4 trillion in 2012 alone." To put that into perspective, that means government regulation costs the U.S. economy around $127,000 every second. You could almost buy an entire house in Ohio every second at that rate!

James Broughel's latest article in the Wall Street Journal highlights how states like Ohio are making innovative changes to improve their local economies by cutting out old and burdensome regulations.

Together we can begin rolling back the expensive barriers to economic growth and allow Teller County residents to flourish, free from the stranglehold on private property of unnecessary government red tape.

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