Is Free Market Capitalism a Crime?

Published 03/16/2020

The American dream… People come to the United States because success is only limited by the scope of your dreams. And these days, by liberal socialist agendas.

Free market capitalism has and liberty has made the United States the envy of country around the world. The amazing economic wealth of our nation is stunning. One does not have to be part of a social group,  ethnic group or religion to succeed, one only needs his dreams.

Teller County Sheriff Jason Mikesell grew up in Teller County, became a sheriffs deputy and that was the beginning of a story of great success.

Sheriff Mikesell grew that success into forming his own company, coming back to Teller County at a time of need, and being elected Sheriff.

His crime? Free market capitalism… in other words, living the American dream! In today’s liberal culture, gaining wealth, and building successful businesses is condemned in the media and universities unless you are of certain gender or ethnic group.

Sheriff Mikesell created jobs for retired veterans disabled veterans and people working in law enforcement. Many of these people are paid far less than their job is worth and for the risks they take on a daily basis.

The only crime some of these deputies committed was a breach of policy not law. One of the biggest threats to our liberty are bureaucratic regulations, both in the private sector and in government. Bureaucrats and their regulations are the greatest threat to our liberties and wealth in this nation. I think I would also add the out of control liberal media.

I applaud sheriff Mikesell and admire him for the success he has had in his service to Teller County, and in the private sector. I wish him all the best. The only threat people face is a threat from an out of control, over reaching bureaucracy and attacks on a successful man by an out-of-control liberal media.

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