Caleb Rusterholtz

Caleb Rusterholtz

Lots of stories could be told about the times spent with my father. From working in the pottery, putting in fencing, logging and splitting fire wood, to long trips across the country stopping at national parks and rodeos along the way. These times with my dad are some of the most memorable times I have, not just because he’s my father flesh and blood, but because of his character, and love for the Lord.

In a world of politics where selfless service, and God centered thinking seems to be all but gone, it becomes urgent that America puts good men and women in place to carry the torch, and keep this great country‘s light shining for the rest of the world.

My father is a good man. With my  personal experience as proof, I am confident that he will serve this County and country with the same integrity that served our family. 

I endorse David Rusterholtz for teller county commissioner.

God and people first.

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