Leslie Vail

Leslie Vail

I have know David for 9 months or more. I have listened to what his ideas are, and they make sense i.e. 

1. Removing excessive, redundant regulations.

2.Being a voice FOR those he represents...RE PRESENTS. That is key, our commissioners are to be a voice for us. One commissioner said, the people elected me they must trust me. Trust should not be in ignorance, or blind.

3.David wants to make meetings accessible, like live streaming. David wants to hear what the people think, need to change. Have those interested  in watching to be notified the day before meetings.

4. David is running to make Teller the best county it can be, he isn't running to get name recognition for another office. 

5. David wants term limits on jobs that have great power, and authority, i.e. Planning Commissioner, and County Administrator.

Anyone with authority also need accountability, no matter how well their job is done, there is always opportunity for temptation in those positions.

I think David is the best choice, he won't "Go along to get along" I believe David is the man for this spot. Help me get him elected by voting Rusterholtz for County Commissioner.

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