Listen to The People

How many politicians actually listen to the people they represent? I want to have open lines of communication between the all levels of the county goverment. So many times voices are not heard because people don't know who to talk to. I want to solve that problem.

Land Rights

I believe we need someone to stand up for our rights as citizens, businesses, and property owners in this great county. I want to take back the rights we've lost to excess regulations, especially when it comes to private land rights.

Community Advocate

Often times the goverment feels like it is working against you. I want to take look at what an advocate in the government looks like, who's sole job is help you get through the regulations and not work against you.

Pro 2nd Amendment

As a Christian, I believe in the inalienable God given right to bare arms. I believe that our right to life, liberty, and happiness starts with the right to defend ourselves and our personal property.

Excess Regulation

Did you know that Teller County, as a Republican stronghold, has more strict building codes than imposed by the state? Do you know Park County does not have these regulations? I want to look at these regulations from a top down approach. Remove any regulations that are unecessary and outdated, or working against rights of The People.

Red Flag Laws

I am firm a believer in due process, innocent until proven guilty, and our rights going uninfrindged. Simply put, I do not support the Colorado "Red Flag" law and think that is infringes on the rights of law abiding citizens.

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